Hello, my name is Lisa Dugas. I have a BS in Finance with 24 years experience. Then in 2001, I decided to say, "Good Bye to the corporate world."  Then I followed my dreams by: Go' in to the Cats & Dogs...


              I have always had a passion for animals. I especially love Cats and Dogs I attended CT-K9 grooming school in 2001. I have been grooming dogs and cats for over 13 years now.  I attend grooming seminars, dog shows, cat shows and trade shows to further my education in animal health, safety and styling techniques.

          Each one of your pets will have a luxury spa groom from Go'in to the Cats &Dogs.  Luxury Spa Groom includes:  Super Sudsor massage bath, fluff dry, nail trim, ear pluck  (non shedding dogs), ear cleaning, breed styling/trim (if needed), furminator deshedding brushing,  paw pad trim, sanitary trim and cologne mist.  If your pet needs something special that you need me to use or do I will try to accommodate you.

          Most important: Having a groomer is like having another set of eyes looking at your pet.  I will notify you of anything I notice out of the ordinary and make suggestions to you on what to do.   

Meet the Groomer: