• Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel we would appreciate 48 hour notice prior to the scheduled appointment time.. This allows us time to find a replacement for your spot..In the unlikely event that you cancel your pets grooming 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment a 50.00 fee may be charged to your account. 
  • Reminder Calls: A courtesy reminder call will be done one to two nights before your scheduled appointment. It is a reminder that you have a grooming for your pet scheduled. Not a reminder for you to cancel your appointment because you forgot.

  • "No Show":  In the event we arrive for a confirmed scheduled appointment and find no one there. A 50.00 service fee may be attached to the next groom per pet.  This does not include prior arrangements made with owners who can not be present for the grooming.

  • Method of payment:  Presently we except cash only as payment. We are now looking into accepting Credit Cards for payment in the future.. When we do offer Credit Cards as a form of payment there will be a 2.7% Convenience Fee added on to your bill.

  •  Sales Tax:  Ct sales tax is added on to all grooming services..